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Disinfection of water services (Chlorinations)

Disinfection of water services (Chlorinations) domestic or commercial should be undertaken where new installations or major extensions or alterations to existing systems have been carried out.

Where required by the local Water Authority, and in accordance with BS 8558:2015,plus BSI PD855468 – 2015 the incoming water main should be chlorinated prior to being connected to the water providers mains and a certificate of chlorination supplied.

A disinfection solution is normally introduced by proportional injection. This solution is then drawn through all outlets, including tanks and down services, and allowed to activate for a pre determined period. Following this activation period the system is flushed until the quality of water is equal to the incoming main. Bacteriological samples, in accordance with the local Water Authority requirements and BS 7592:2022, can then be taken.

Aquadition engineers are specially trained to undertake and complete disinfection of water services (Chlorinations). All types of water systems are disinfected, utilising the following products, in line with the requirements of the current legislation and approved codes of practice.

Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine) (NaClO) Chlorine Dioxide ( ClO²) Hydrogen Peroxide- Sanosil Super 25. (H2O2)

SANOSIL SUPER 25 – the two main components consist of, hydrogen peroxide as the oxidising agent and silver with its powerful oligodynamic and catalytic effect, are combined with stabilisers to form a complex sterilising solution.

  • Chlorinations and Disinfections to BS8558:2015, HSG274 Part 2 for mains water, CWS and HWS
  • Tank refurbishments/replacements in line with the Water Regulations Schedule II and the Management of Health & Safety at Work Act Regulations 1999.

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