Ecowater Water Softeners

 Ecowater Teal and Black  

A new softness to clothes, skin and hair
Dry skin loves softened water!

Keeps showers at full power
No more blocked shower heads, just a rich lather of soft suds.

Gentle on your pocket
Up to 50% less bathing and laundry products required. No more anti-scale products.

It’s never too late
Softened water will graducally wash away existing deposits.
Plumbing and appliances are protected.
Up to 20% reduction in energy bills.

Power Protected
72-hour powerloss back-up protects the softener’s memory during power cuts.

Information at your fingertips
A rolling screen provides continuous up to date information on the performance of your softener
Electronic water monitoring keeps track of your water usage which is especially important for anyone with a water meter.
A salt alarm lets you know when you need to top up with salt.
Optional patented hydrolink wireless remote provides access to control features and status information.

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Medium Home
Large Home
High Demand
3500 R30
Height 552mm 668mm 838mm 1143mm
Width 325mm 325mm 325mm 355mm
Depth with connectors 463mm 463mm 463mm 595mm
Max flow rate 56.7 ltr/min 53.3 ltr/min 51.7 ltr/min 84 ltr/min
Salt dose proportional regeneration 0.39 – 1.54kg 0.42 – 1.63kg 0.7 – 3.76kg 0.73 – 5.12kg
Water used per regeneration (proportional) 45 litres 49 litres 52 litres 166 litres
Max soft water capacity at 300ppm 1690 litres 2400 litres 3667 litres 6520 litres