Harveys Washing Powder




Harveys Washing Powder

Conventional washing powders contain all sorts of extra chemicals to compensate for hard water. Now, Harvey Water Softeners have formulated a Harveys washing powder specifically intended for use with softened water.

As a soft water household, why should you keep paying for these extra chemicals, and putting up with their effects on your skin and on the environment?

Better for your skin

  • Non-biological
  • No unnecessary chemicals
  • Can help alleviate eczema
  • Can help with dry skin problems

Better value for money

200ml scoops are used for conventional powder in hard water. With a water softener, and Harvey’s Washing Powder, you need just 25ml (15g).

Better for the environment

  • Mostly natural soap active ingredients
  • Amount of chemicals reduced by over 80%
  • Phosphate free

Brilliant whiteness

Your whites remain nice and white. Our development lab records demonstrate that it is superior to Persil.

Naturally softening

No fabric conditioner is required – Harvey’s Washing Powder gives a naturally soft feel to your whole wash.