Water Softener Servicing

ServicingHere at Aquadition we take water softener servicing very seriously.

We service all makes of water softener, stock parts for most softeners, and can usually get hold of parts very quickly. Call our water softener servicing department today on 02392 691035.

We also run an upgrade scheme on new softeners to soften the cost, if you excuse the intentional pun. This is a scheme run by our water softener servicing department, for more information on our Envirosoft Block Salt Softener click here.

Why is it important to service a softener? Like anything with moving parts, if not maintained properly the wear and tear will increase, over time small particles of dirt can get caught up in the workings of a softener. This can also affect its efficiency with water and salt. A simple service will sort this out. We would recommend a yearly service on an electrically operated softener and every 5 years on a block salt softener.

We also service Quooker and water filters too? Service your Quooker every year if its running on hard water, or every 5 years if its running on softened. We recommend a service on a reverse osmosis filter system every time you have the membrane changed which is around 3 years if run on hard water or 7 if run on softened. We recommend changing the pre and post filters on the RO every 6-12 months. For a more accurate filter change you could install a TDS meter available from our online shop.

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