5 Steps to free water

Five Steps to free waterStep One – Site Survey

You need a company to carry out a site survey. This includes visiting your address to establish the most suitable location for drilling and investigating the local geology in order to establish how deep the well may need to be. this is the first of the 5 steps to free water

Step Two – Get two or three estimates

It is important to do your research on drilling company’s as it is a large expense, we can recommend someone to do the drilling, but it’s usually an idea to get two or three quotes and go with who you feel suits you best.

With the information gained from the site survey it should be easy for a company to produce a detailed cost estimate.

Step Three – Drilling the hole

Your chosen company will agree a date with you, and drilling can begin, make sure you have considered access for the heavy plant equipment that may be required to drill your borehole.

Step Four – Bacteriological Sampling

Perhaps the most important stage of the process, and this is something Aquadition can do for you. We will need to send samples off to the lab to asses your water, so we know what to treat it for, this will vary for every borehole.

Step Five – Water Treatment & Pump

Once the results are back from the lab, we can recommend the correct equipment for treating your borehole water. Aquadition look after the boreholes at Buckingham Palace so you can trust us to make the right recommendation.

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