TwinTec Water Softener

TwinTec Water Softener

TwinTec Cobalt The new cutting edge TwinTec cobalt Water Softener is designed and manufactured in Britain, specifically for our plumbing systems. With its twin cylinder design you can enjoy softened water 24/7. Only available through your TwinTec distributor who is expertly placed to give you the best advice for your home and needs. The TwinTec … Read more

Budget softener

Budget Water Softeners

Our budget water softeners are aimed toward people on a tight budget, but want softened water in their home. Our domestic water softeners are hand built by our own engineers, the same person who is going to install it for you. You can therefore be guaranteed the quality of manufacture is the best you can … Read more

Water Filters

Water Filters

There are many types of water filters, but there are 4 types you should be considering for your home. Envirosoft Water Filters This is our very own filtration system, which takes out all metals larger than 5 microns, along with chlorine making your water taste great. To order one of these systems or to order … Read more


Water Softener Servicing

Here at Aquadition we take water softener servicing very seriously. We service all makes of water softener, stock parts for most softeners, and can usually get hold of parts very quickly. Call our water softener servicing department today on 02392 691035. We also run an upgrade scheme on new softeners to soften the cost, if … Read more

Domestic Borehole Water Treatment

Domestic Borehole Water Treatment

If you have your own water supply from a domestic borehole you will need to treat it before being able to use it for domestic purposes such as drinking. You will need borehole water treatment. The water quality must adhere to the private borehole regulations currently in force. The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009, which … Read more


The Benefits of Softened Water for a Household

The simple answer is that soft water saves you money. There are also other benefits of softened water associated with soft water from a softener. The benefits of softened water for a household mean: The benefits of softened water for a household mean longer lasting more efficient appliances – Limescale deposits build up on immersion … Read more

Block salt

Block Salt

Aquadition currently stock all types of water softening salt including block salt, at very competitive prices. Block Salt Quickly becoming the most popular type of salt, this is specifically designed to fit into block salt softeners, comes in handy 4kg blocks and generally lasts longer than tablet or granular salt. To order click here, or … Read more


Power Flushing & Chlorinations

Eventually your central heating system will clog up with limescale if you don’t have a water softener. Aquadition can power flush your system to remove it, prolong the life of your heating system and increase its efficiency. Alternatively you could just install an Envirosoft, or get a power flush done at the same time. Domestic … Read more