Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial Water Softeners are ideal for small guest houses, restaurants, stately homes, large factories, applications such as pre-softening the feed water to our commercial range of reverse osmosis units. If you are a medium to large company, we will be happy to quote and provide a specification for installing water softeners in your property. One of … Read more

Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Aquadition would like to express its thanks to all our customers for their continued support and the ongoing positive customer satisfaction reviews to start 2020. Your response and positive reviews and comments are really appreciated by both the engineering teams on site and the admin team in the office. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH


We are pleased to be members of the Legionella Control Association and to complete the services to our customers to the LCA code of Conduct. The Legionella Control Association documentation is available from In addition to the completion of the Legionella Risk Assessment the regular monitoring and record keeping for your water systems is vital if … Read more


Borehole Treatment

There are areas of the UK that are not connected to a municipal supply. If you use water from a borehole, spring or well it will require risk and sample analysis – treatment, irrespective of whether you are a domestic or commercial user, the water quality must adhere to the private supply regulations currently in … Read more


Water System Risk Assessment (Legionella Control)

Water System Risk Assessment (Legionella Control). We are able to offer complete water systems management audit prepared and formulated in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1999, COSHH Regulations 1999, MHSWR Regulations 1999 and the HSE ACOP  HSG274:2014, HTM04-01, HTM05-01, BS8580:2019. Water System Risk Assessment (Legionella Control) completed by our fully trained … Read more


Ultraviolet Systems (UV), Water Disinfection Units

Aquadition can supply and install Ultraviolet Systems (UV), Water Disinfection Units. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to quote you for a bespoke unit. Disinfecting your water with ultraviolet light makes good sense. It is exceptionally effective and is environmentally safe. It’s well proven and it is the way of … Read more

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis systems can be used for Boiler Feed Water, Final Rinse for PCB, Laboratory Usage and more… Aquadition can design a reverse osmosis systems to your requirements. Anything from an under sink unit for domestic use up to a high output unit for large commercial applications.  Reverse osmosis (RO) is a membrane-technology filtration method that removes many types … Read more


Disinfection of water services (Chlorinations)

Disinfection of water services (Chlorinations) domestic or commercial should be undertaken where new installations or major extensions or alterations to existing systems have been carried out. Where required by the local Water Authority, and in accordance with BS 8558:2015,plus BSI PD855468 – 2015 the incoming water main should be chlorinated prior to being connected to the water … Read more


Chemical Cleaning – Heating and Chilled Water Circuits

We are able to provide a service to chemically clean heating and chilled circuits. By introducing polymer dispersants and sequestrian agents to remove iron oxides and magnetite sludge that cause fouling and a reduction in efficiency for which a chemical clean will cure. Following the chemical cleaning, proprietary corrosion inhibitors are added and in certain … Read more