Granular Water Softener Salt 25kg


Water Softener Salt

Tablet Salt for water Softeners

25kg in a bag

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Water Softener Salt

Granular Salt for water Softeners

25kg in a bag


‘hydrosoft’ Granular salt is the ideal regenerant for water softeners. The

large crystalline beads are easily dispersed and rapidly dissolve. The unique

manufacturing process of INEOS Enterprises achieves food-grade purity and

absence of mushing problems. The specification is assured by an audited

Quality System to ISO 9001:2000 and the manufacturing process is

certificated to the BRC Technical Standard.


All values except moisture are calculated on a dry basis. Test methods used

are as given in BS998:1990 or equivalent, except appearance which is a visual assessment.


Typical Sieve Analysis % Through Sieve

3.35mm 99.2

1.7mm 47.4

0.6mm 0.9

Note that the specification for passing 0.6mm sieve is 10% maxim

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