Ultraviolet Systems (UV), Water Disinfection Units


Aquadition can supply and install Ultraviolet Systems (UV), Water Disinfection Units. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to quote you for a bespoke unit.

Disinfecting your water with ultraviolet light makes good sense. It is exceptionally effective and is environmentally safe. It’s well proven and it is the way of the future for water disinfection requirements around the globe. UV disinfection is a process that adds no chemicals to your water.

Aquadition only provide top quality equipment and have specially selected Ultraviolet systems from WEDECO (An Xylem Brand) as our preferred supplier. Wedeco ultraviolet systems use a stainless steel 316L electro polished disinfection chamber. They can be provided in 3 different specifications, Altima, Proxima and Maxima. These also employ a photo electric cell for monitoring UV transmission. 

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Maintenance of a UV unit usually consists of periodically cleaning the lamp sleeve and replacing the lamp once per year.

UV treatment can be utilised for domestic hot and cold water systems, food processing wash plants, swimming pools and spa baths.

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