Water System Risk Assessment (Legionella Control)


Water System Risk Assessment (Legionella Control).

We are able to offer complete water systems management audit prepared and formulated in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1999, COSHH Regulations 1999, MHSWR Regulations 1999 and the HSE ACOP  HSG274:2014, HTM04-01, HTM05-01, BS8580:2019.

Water System Risk Assessment (Legionella Control) completed by our fully trained and City & Guilds Accredited Assessors.

The risk assessment documents will be complete with water system schematics for the systems. This is in accordance with the guidance of HSE ACOP HSG274:2014,  HTM04-01 parts A & B (2016), HTM05-01 and BS8580:2019 clearly documenting any areas where risk reduction remedial maintenance works are required to reduce the overall risk.

In addition to the Legionella Risk Assessment (Legionella Control) survey and documentation we are able to provide; site and system specific Legionella policy and procedure documentation, Water Safety Plans, incorporating Pseudomonas requirements of the HTM04-01.

We are also pleased to offer a management review of your management records.

We also carry out Legionella awareness training for management, maintenance engineers and staff.

Our water quality in building water systems and Legionella awareness course booklet, issued to each candidate, covers the following aspects:

1.         Legionella, the Law and Moral Obligations 

2.         Medical Aspects

3.         Water Systems – The Assessment of Risk

4.         Systems Monitoring & Management of Risk

5.         System Modification and Design

6.         Control Procedures and System Hygiene

7.         Legionella and Bacterial Sampling

8.         Test, Discussion and Close

We also provide the information to ensure a specific sampling schedule is formulated in accordance with BS7592: 2008 and, where required, HTM04-01 2016 (which ensures compliance with current legislation).

We are also able to provide a site specific Scald Assessment, TMV monitoring and maintenance as required by HTM04-01  2016

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